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The role of a shelter photographer is to take compelling pictures of adoptable dogs for the shelter's social media streams like Facebook or Instagram, Adoptable Dogs websites, and emails to prospective adopters and foster parents. We are a society of imagery and instant impressions. Many of the potential adopters who come to shelters arrive with the hope that the Facebook version of the 'Little Doggie in the Window' is the one for them.


As a professional photographer, dog lover, and shelter volunteer I can bring out the beauty and soul of the dogs I photograph. I can play an important role in helping our shelter dogs find their new homes. My dog photographs have attracted countless people to our shelters and resulted in hundreds of adoptions by people who fell in love even before they met the dog of their dreams in person.


The hardest part of these photo sessions is not taking the pictures, but rather having to take the pups back to their kennels.


The dogs that you see on this page are only a few that I have photographed. 

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