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One Grey Hair at a Time

This is Lady - a beautiful very senior dog at IndyHumane - I don't think she is available for adoption yet - but watch the web site.

We will all grow old. Someday we will all be like Lady - grey, perhaps a bit blind, arthritic, confused, wearing a sweater in the middle of summer, just wanting to be at home culling through memories of past joys.

If you take a look at Lady you will see someone has taken the time to paint her tiny toe nails; someone obviously dressed her in a vest that complements her fur; someone cared.

I want and need to believe that the people who care for Lady will find themselves at the good end of karma, spending their final years with people who will do their hair, dress them well, and make them feel valuable. Perhaps it is only the love and kindness that we show to people and creatures around us that will shape our ending days.

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