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Chopper's Last Story

Chopper died yesterday. He died surrounded by people that loved him, people that he trusted, people that knew him for the beautiful soul that he was.

In January of this year he lost his lower jaw to a gun shot wound. He wandered for weeks with no ability to eat. How he survived is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Thanks to the medical help he received at Morgan County Humane Society and foster families (Karen Ohlsen Horton) associated with Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana), Chopper recovered and found himself surrounded by shelter staff, volunteers, and families willing to give him a quiet home away from the turmoil of a shelter.

Chopper should never have made it out of the rural Morgan County woods that he went into to hide. I believe he somehow made a deal with the God of Earth’s creatures to live amongst the humans that he so loved. His need to once more enjoy the feeling of human touch was that strong.

Everyone who met this remarkable dog was rewarded with an outpouring of his unconditional love, an offer to rub his ears, and an opportunity to understand the power of forgiveness. No one ever left Chopper without seeing the face of the God of Creatures that places these beautiful animals in our midst.

While Chopper’s time amongst us was short - it was a gift, a miracle, a chance to understand the importance of love. Like all who knew him, I cried when I heard of his passing, but take comfort in knowing I was lucky to have met him.

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