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Childhood Memories

Bruiser, a gentle 8-year old Pit Bull, was adopted today at Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana) by an adorable young girl and her father. The two of them, Bruiser and his new sister, melted the hearts of staff and volunteers alike.

I like to think the father decided on Bruiser not just because his daughter fell in love with him, but because of how it might shape her life. She would learn the lesson that, while puppies are shinny and new, older dogs have a place in our world and deserve a chance to love and be loved. She will tell her friends and family that misconceptions about 'bad' breeds of dogs are wrong and hurtful.

At 8-years old, Bruiser will age and may not be around to test the girl's first boyfriend (never love a person who does not like dogs) - but he will be the first to greet her when she comes home each day and a source of comfort when, as happens with young girls, life is not fair. Memories of Bruiser will last the rest of her life.

We never just adopt a dog - we adopt love, a reason to get up each day, and lessons of the beauty of life.

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