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Accepting Our Nows

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

This was the weekend of the Indy Mega event - a gathering of many of our area’s shelters and rescues within the Indiana State Fair's huge buildings. Thousands of dogs and cats were presented with the hope of adoptions for each of them.

Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana) was well represented with many of our adoptable dogs and cats. By the end of the weekend over 24 of our cats and dogs, some admittedly more challenging than others, were adopted. There were tears to see some of our personal favorites leave us, joy that so many found a home where they can begin their second chance at life, and the knowledge that their adoptions opened up kennels for new dogs whose futures may not have looked bright. Such is the cycle of life at an animal shelter.

Polly, a Pocket Pit Bull, went to Mega on Sunday but returned early - the stress of so many people and dogs was too much for her. She gratefully came back to her room where she feels the most comfortable.

As I sat with Polly on Sunday afternoon, she napping on my lap as is her custom, I came to realize she was where she needs and wants to be right now. She is loved; she is safe; she has all the necessities a dog could hope for. For Polly, at this time, this was what dog heaven looks like. Yes, she doesn't have a big yard or kids tossing a ball - but she is content with what life has chosen for her. A dog lives without envy and awareness of how much better (or worse) their lives could be. There are no 'if only's'.

I find myself and those around me trapped in the human cycle of living for the futures of what could be and forgetting how comforting our ’now' really is. We dream about winning the Powerball and overlook how important our friends and family are to us.

Polly will eventually find a forever home - all of our dogs will. That home will become her new dog heaven. For me, another Polly will worm herself into my heart and make my ‘now’ a little richer. Such is my cycle of life.

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