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A Day of Good

I spent yesterday in Columbus, Ohio with Constance Swackhammer and her FFBF (Faithful Forgotten Best Friends) organization (, veterinarians from OSU, and a lot of people wanting to make a difference.

Over 100 low-income and homeless pet owners were invited in to have their dogs and cats checked out, vaccinated, micro-chipped and educated (the people, not the dogs). They went home with supplies, medications, and a warm feeling knowing that there are people that care about them and their animals.

Because of today, a dog will not be infected with Heartworm, a cat will not have a litter of kittens, a pet will live longer. The world is a little bit better.

I encourage you to take a look at Connie's web site (you really need to see the video), donate, and give back to organizations like FFBF.

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