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Talk to a dog person and you will quickly get around to trading memories of past dogs, their stories, and the tears that accompanied their passing. Every person who has ever lost a dog lives with a piece of the pup in their heart. The memories of our lost pups remain with us forever and often bubble to the surface at unexpected times – perhaps because our canine relationships are based on mutual love and respect.


One of my personal projects is to photograph dogs that are close to the end of their lives, whether it be from age or sickness. I enjoy sitting with the family as they tell stories about their dogs and describe how important their pup has been in so many lives. Finding someone who understands the bond they have and who truly cares about immortalizing it makes our time together a blessing for everyone.


The note cards and photographs produced for the family might help make the loss easier to bear, or at least provide a source of comfort when memories rise to the surface.


There is no charge for these photo sessions or the prints.

If you or someone you know has a dog that is close to the end of its life, please contact me.

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