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I do take on one or two commissions each month. In these private photo sessions in your home or an outside location that fits your dog's lifestyle, I will produce prints that display the beauty and soul of your dog.

From the many captured photographs we will pick the ones that you enjoy the most and, through experienced editing, turn them into high quality images. Your prints will be completed at one of the several U.S.-based high-end print labs that I use.    


I am an experienced dog handler who falls in love with every dog I meet. I am also a very accomplished photographer and image editor with the goal of capturing the heart of your dog and its bond with your family. Please contact me if you are considering a portrait of your pup. We can speak about costs and times that will fit both of our needs.



Finally, I also provide End of Life photo sessions that are free except for the cost of prints. Contact me if you or someone you know has a dog that is close to their next life.

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